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Water surveillance

Do you need to examine and analyze different types of water? IVL has extensive experience and leading experts in the entire water area.

We investigate and analyze surface water, groundwater, drinking water, stormwater and wastewater. To help us, we have equipment for both time-controlled and flow-proportional sampling as well as various sensors for measurements of water flow and other physical and chemical parameters.

In addition to water, we sample and analyze sediment, sludge and biota such as fish and mussels.

You get help with method selection, implementation, interpretation of results, quantification of uncertainties and to develop proposed measures. Chemical and biological analyzes are mostly done in our own laboratory, where we can check the quality throughout the process.

We help you with:

  • Advanced water flow measurement and hydrological modeling
  • Groundwater surveys
  • Identification and quantification of emission sources
  • Stormwater surveys to determine pollution load from various sources.
  • Characterization of industrial and municipal wastewater
  • Screening examinations
  • Risk assessments of discharges of leachate, treated wastewater and more
  • Chemical and biological analyzes

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