Molecular sieve dehydration system : Oil and gas Refinery

Safe and sustainable chemicals

The chemical industry is facing major changes to reduce its climate impact and create safe, circular flows. To achieve this, new processes and products are needed that are based on sustainable and renewable raw materials that are also safe for people and the environment.

We support companies in complying with legislation and authorities in controlling chemicals in the environment. We develop new knowledge about chemicals in our environment and have extensive experience in analysing hazardous substances and assessing health and environmental impacts. We calculate the dispersion of releases and use advanced technologies to measure and analyse substances in air, soil, biota and water.

Services offered by IVL in the field of chemicals

IVL helps you develop solutions that help foster sustainable operations and a sustainable society. Everything we do rests on a scientific foundation, and if you engage us as a consultant, you get all our research as part of the deal.

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Helena Norin

Group manager, Chemical Management and Compliance

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Dämien Bolinius

Group manager, Environmental Chemistry

Karin Sanne

Group manager, Life Cycle Management

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Jeanette Green

Group manager, Business Development

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