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Sustainable and resource-efficient energy solutions

Future-proof sustainability and resource efficiency through smart system solutions and investments. IVL helps the energy industry with system analyzes, sustainability assessment and climate calculations to evaluate various system solutions.

The energy system is being developed towards increasingly small-scale alternatives for both production and use of electricity and heat. Elements of wind power, solar cells and individual heat pumps are increasing. At the same time, electrification in society is increasing, as is the number of low-energy buildings and more and more consumers who produce their own electricity and heat. With smart system solutions, these trends can help meet targets for fossil-free and net zero emissions.

These external factors influence property owners' choice of building solutions and alternatives for heating and cooling. The fourth generation of district heating and digital solutions for smart control of properties' energy use enable both technical and sustainable solutions that can be win-win-win for energy companies, customers and the environment.

At the same time, the digitalisation of society increases the need for electricity for the operation of server halls and computers. Fossil-free steel production and the shift towards fossil-free transport also mean that demand for electricity is increasing. It is important to find system solutions that at the same time ensure a secure energy supply to society.

We help you with:

  • Evaluation of different electrification alternatives from a system and sustainability perspective
  • Models, tools and environmental data to give your company advice on how investments in electricity and district heating systems can be made in a climate-smart and resource-efficient way from a system perspective
  • To develop and evaluate digital energy solutions for low-energy buildings and prosumers

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