Discharge of dirty waste water into the sea

PFAS – an enormous environmental challenge

PFAS must be phased out and banned, but this is not enough. To protect people and the environment, we need new technologies, better analysis and effective measures.

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is at the forefront of research and technology development in the PFAS field. We work with comprehensive solutions – from analysis and mapping to risk management, strategy, advice, and customised pilot projects – for government agencies, local governments, and companies.

In our PFAS lab, we manage the entire analytical process – from sample selection to analysis with detection levels below the limits and interpretation of results. We have analytical methods for several different matrices.

IVL follows the ongoing development of regulatory frameworks, limits values, and examines their consequences. Our services equip industry players with knowledge and tools to meet the PFAS challenge. We work with the sector, to develop purification technologies for full-scale processes, testing and developing the latest technologies.

Our experts explain – how we work with PFASs

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PFAS analysis – without interpretation you can be completely lost

PFAS is becoming a widely recognized concept and more and more organizations are working to reduce its spread. But to be sure that a sample is PFAS-free requires analysis, which is not straightforward

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The knowledge gap between research and application must be reduced

Because PFASs are so easily dispersed in the environment, regional and international co-operation is required, and knowledge must be shared.

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We will see more treatment of PFAS-contaminated water in the future

Foam fractionation, nanofiltration, ozonation, ion exchange, and pulverized or granulated activated carbon. There are several different techniques for separating PFASs, and they are constantly evolving.

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Read our reports and scientific articles on PFASs. We also produce guidance for industry stakeholders and support for studies.

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We organize regular seminars and network meetings, to strengthen Swedish and international PFAS cooperation.

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At our research and development facility SWIC, the Sjöstadsverket Water Innovation Centre, we develop new solutions together with industry actors.

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IVL is continuously looking for expertise in the field of PFAS. And students can do their degree project with us.

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IVL helps you develop solutions that foster sustainable operations and a sustainable society.
Everything we do rests on a scientific foundation, and if you engage us as a consultant, you get all our research as part of the deal.

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