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Close-up shot of blue color hazardous dangerous chemical barrels ,have warning signs on them warning about flammable liquid and corrosive.

Chemical health risks in the workplace

Chemicals used in working life are not only a potential environmental burden but also part of the working environment in many workplaces. IVL has expert knowledge and helps companies to do the right thing when it comes to ensuring safe handling.

In order to be able to work safely and not be exposed to health risks, there are requirements to assess the risks and take measures that control the risks. We perform risk assessments to ensure a safe working environment.

Our experts work continuously to assess risks with chemical products and continuously follow new findings and legal requirements. Through a large network of contacts and various assignments, a combination of scientific facts and practical experience is maintained.

We help you with:

  • Risk assessments and routines to ensure safe chemical handling
  • Assessment of risks for individual chemicals and advice when choosing a chemical
  • Advice on removing or replacing hazardous chemicals in products against less hazardous alternatives (substitution)
  • Measurement of pollutants in the work environment
  • Charting the causes of high exposures
  • Suggestions for measures

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