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Measures and strategies for increased circularity and resource efficiency

With its broad competence and experience, IVL can offer you custom-made support in all steps along the way to achieve increased resource efficiency based on your needs and conditions.

To save the climate and reduce the over-utilization of the earth's resources, we need to develop more circular and resource-efficient solutions. This means that we need to become better at extending the life of products and using resources smarter, in everything from manufacturing and design to use and recycling.

Development is rapid and demands are increasing from the market and customers for more sustainable solutions. By actively working with the transition to a more circular economy, new business opportunities and strengthened competitiveness are also created. IVL helps your municipality, your organization or your company based on your conditions with measures and strategies for increased circularity and resource efficiency in areas such as plastics, textiles and electronics.

We help you with:

  • Current situation assessment proposals for measures, action plan and can act as a support and sounding board in your adjustment.
  • Mapping of flows for materials and waste, both what type of flow and quantity, for example such as plastic, electronics or textiles.
  • Calculation of climate impact and assessment of the climate and environmental benefits of various measures.
  • Development of goals and measures to increase resource efficiency and reduce the amount of waste, for example identify and develop more closed cycles.
  • Development of a strategy and action plan for increased resource efficiency, including new business models and concepts that contribute to a more circular economy.
  • Customized training for your organization, your customers or your partners.

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