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Flera hjälmar i olika färger

Circular construction and recycling in the construction sector

Circular construction and recycling are part of the solution to the construction sector's major challenges in terms of resource consumption and climate impact. That is why IVL Swedish Environmental Institute has developed the base program Circular Construction and Recycling in the Construction Sector - the first of its kind. We now offer the opportunity for our experts to hold this training within your organization.

The basic course is suitable for everyone who is involved in the construction process, everything from decision makers to you who work practically in projects. It provides a good introduction for actors such as architects, project managers, consultants, property owners, public actors and material suppliers.

The course focuses on how to work with recycling in practice - in both organizations and projects. We have a ready-made concept but can also adapt it for your particular organization.

IVL has the opportunity and knowledge to produce more educations aimed at specific target groups. We can also arrange in-depth courses on, for example, an inventory for recycling or how to calculate the climate effect of recycling.

You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in the program or more company-specific or target group-adapted educations in circular construction.

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